The Regret of Sharing

I currently find myself regretting my impulse to share.

The fall weather has sent me straight into the kitchen where I have been busy preserving the bounty of my tomato harvest. In the midst of the salsa making, I felt a burning need to bake. I rationalized that taking a break from the tomatoes was the right thing to do because it would be wasteful for the overripe bananas to go in the garbage. And while I was at it, I could use up the Hershey bars from our last camping trip.

I scoured the internet for the best banana bread recipe and have to say, I found it. Say what you will about Martha Stewart, but I worship at her altar on a regular basis. And after moaning in delight at the first bite of this recipe, I will humbly lay loaves of delicious banana bread at her feet in tribute for many years to come.

All of this brings me to my current state of regret. In my euphoria over the piece of scrumptious bread, I decided to share. A third of the loaf went to the neighbors. Another third to friends who were hosting us for the evening. I took Grandma some slices from our remaining third, and parted with another slice to a friend who came for dinner. That left me with exactly no banana bread left. Now I sit, mouth watering and stomach growling, wishing for a bite of that tasty goodness. I never had a chance to try it out with peanut butter like I had planned. Did anyone else? Have the gifts of banana bread been eaten or are they sitting forgotten?

I wonder if The Husband will notice me intentionally ignoring the bananas we just bought so I can make more? Can I force them to become prematurely overripe somehow? Or if anyone has some overripe bananas on hand, I’m happy to bake some banana bread and share. But this time, there will definitely be limitations to my sharing. I will have that slice with peanut butter and expect it to be all I have dreamed of and more.

If you want to try Martha’s banana bread recipe for yourself:

** I used chopped up Hershey bars instead of bittersweet chocolate. My baking time took much longer than hers, so allow plenty of time.

Picture of Banana Bread

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