Day Two: Los Angeles

Café Gratitude

Well, I can’t complain about Day Two in Los Angeles.

We found ourselves at Café Gratitude for a raw, vegan lunch. I’m neither raw nor vegan, but this lunch was delicious.

The “HAPPY:” Mediterranean wrap with raw falafels, zucchini cilantro hummus, spinach, red onion, tomato, cucumber, harissa sauce and garlic tahini dressing on dehydrated sun-dried tomato bread
The “TERRIFIC:” Kelp noodles tossed with basil hempseed pesto, cashew ricotta cheese, heirloom cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, green and Kalamata olives and finished with almond parmesan and chopped basil

The plants at the nursery were AMAZING and could the weather be more perfect?

Sunset Nursery
Sunset Nursery

I can’t imagine anything more perfect than the amazing handmade dress I found at Matrushka that fits like it was made for me:

All fabrics are locally sourced by Matrushka’s owner, Laura Howe.

And look at these, do I have to say more? The only thing that makes dessert more perfect is sharing it with a friend.

Great names for these Café Gratitude desserts: IRRESISTIBLE (Coconut Cream Pie with chocolate swirl & dark chocolate crust) and AWAKENING (Key Lime Pie)

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