Back to Nature: My Last Day in LA

The last day of my visit, we woke up to some inspiration to climb a mountain:

Always listen to Wonder Woman.

Well, not a mountain because this Midwest girl prefers flatter terrains, but we decided to head to Griffith Park to climb parts of hills. Trouble is, when we got to the car there was motivation to go back to bed:

sleeping cats
After my first visit to LA, I finally understood Bob Barker’s passion about the pet population.

Still, we couldn’t let Wonder Woman down so we got to the park and started our hike. It was a beautiful day:

griffith park

Until I saw this. Was I the only one who saw True Grit? I got a little worried:


California Girl assured me that she hardly ever sees rattlesnakes. And the views were spectacular:

griffith park

I love the Griffith Observatory:

Griffith Observatory

We even saw more wildlife, several deer:


And a fearless kitty:

Listen to Bob Barker, have your pets spayed and neutered.

And a lot of cactus:

This is where the rattlesnakes live.

It was the perfect conclusion to a great weekend away in a spectacular city:

Los Angeles
Until next time, Los Angeles!

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