Eating Well and Getting Crafty

There were no trips to Los Angeles this weekend, but my visit with California Girl left me inspired to eat well and get crafty.

The weekend started with a scrumptious breakfast at Café Maude’s in Southwest Minneapolis. If you haven’t been, go. The Mom-in-Law and The Husband agreed that it set the perfect tone for the weekend though mimosas would have put it over the top. None of us had time for a nap after breakfast, so we stuck to fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee and black tea.

Eggs and Sauteed Spinach
My Sautéed Spinach with a Fried Egg served over rice.
Huevos Rancheros
The Husband’s Huevos Rancheros.
Classic Egg Breakfast
The Mom-in-Law’s very classic breakfast, known as “The Armatage” at Café Maude’s.

The “getting crafty” portion of the weekend was easier said than done. After several failed sewing attempts, I gave up for the moment and switched to cookie baking. This Spiced Pumpkin Cookie recipe has been on my list for a month and the rain outside was the perfect excuse to get baking. They were good, but I think they’d be better with vanilla ice cream:

pumpkin cookies

This was neither crafty nor eating well, but did involve Spiced Pumpkin Cookie delivery. Danny and I went visiting and gave The Grandma her monthly pedicure. They were having such a nice visit, I had to sneak a picture with my phone. The Grandma would never forgive me if I posted a picture of her with her feet in the pedi spa – so here is Danny with The Grandma’s hand petting him:


I was still itching to get some sewing in but after the failed attempts earlier, I took the easy way out and busted out the serger to make new napkins. My desire to make my own clothes after finding The Perfect Dress in Los Angeles at Matrushka might be my latest pipedream…. But check out my newest set of napkins in this adorable bee fabric from my stash:


All in all, a great weekend:

tea and biscuits

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