The Wedding of The Year


Yesterday was The Wedding of the Year and my dear friends threw a wonderful party.

Everywhere you looked were flowers, different fabrics (I loved the burlap) and their personal touch – like this handmade banner where the ceremony took place:


The flowers were beautiful:

Did I mention there were flowers everywhere?

And there was cake from Buttercream (my favorite!!):

The Husband was especially impressed by the beer selection:

And how about some cake?

And delicious food (so many veggie choices too!):

And cake:

There was so much revelry, the joy was palpable:

And more cake:

I loved their favors, little seed bombs in muslin bags:
seed bombs

Did I mention there was cake?

Cheers to my dear friends, here’s to another 20+ years together!toast

** And for those of you that have been following along, the Wedding Shrug was finished just in the nick of time (9:30pm the night before the wedding):
wedding shrug

6 thoughts on “The Wedding of The Year”

  1. But you had such a fabulous hotel room to enjoy while out of town. That should have more than made up for time with friends and reliving M+M’s wedding of the year. No?


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