Girl’s Best Friend

My dog started limping a few months ago and was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. The limp cleared up after treatment and then started rearing its ugly head last month. By last week, it was pretty obvious that there was a serious problem and his vet agreed that it was time to call in the specialists.

Until that point, I had no idea there was such a thing as rehab therapy for dogs but I’m sure glad that there is – especially as my dog moves into his senior years.

It appears that my spry 10 year old does indeed have a touch of arthritis which makes him more prone to injury. We can’t be sure when he hurt himself or how until I learn to speak canine, so it was intriguing to participate in the physical examination where this spectacular vet evaluated him in order to try to determine the problem. Through her patience and skill, we’ve identified the injury and put together an intense rehab plan that should have my pup dancing again soon. And he even has a dazzling new pair of anti-slip socks to boot:

Danny sports his new anti-slip socks that will help prevent further injury.

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