Notes From Santa’s Sweatshop

There was no time for local food adventures and craft fairs this weekend, this Santa has fallen behind since her holiday spirit was so late to kick in.

Saturday launched what I hope will be a new annual tradition: The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off. The Best-Good Friend arrived bright and early to get to work and seven hours later, we had six different kinds of cookies done and only two treats left for me to finish on my own:

Clockwise from left: Vanilla & Chocolate Icebox Cookies, Mint Thumbprints, Salted Nut Bars, Peanut Butter Date Cookies, Sunny Honeys, Cherry & Jam Thumbprints and Lemon Meltaways (center)

It was a blast working with a friend while Swinging Christmas music played in the background, now I’m assembling the cookies for delivery to friends which definitely increases the holiday spirit even more.

Somewhere during the present wrapping and kitchen clean-up, I also managed to whip up a batch of Shutterbean’s Candy Cane Vodka for my lactose-intolerant friends because it appears that every cookie I make is filled to the brim with butter. Everyone should get a special treat this time of year:


Rest assured, I will be saving some of this for myself. I sampled it last night (quality control is very important) in a cup of Christmas Tea and it was SO good.

Now, to finish the Christmas Eve menu and get cooking – this Santa’s work isn’t done yet!

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