The Art of Saying Thank You

I’m big fan of the Thank You Note which is a bone of contention in our house. The Husband rolls his eyes when I bring out the little notecards and a short bout of bickering typically ensues. He is of the opinion that it means more to say thank you in person then to send a card. I think that’s just good manners, of course you should say it in person! Personally, I think it says a little something extra if you take a few minutes from your day to write a short note thanking a person for their thoughtfulness. It doesn’t take long and when was the last time you received real mail? Ours is usually full of junk mail or bills, so when I find real correspondence in the mix, I’m usually beside myself. Think of spreading that feeling to someone else, why wouldn’t you want to send a Thank You Note?

You can imagine then my glee to come home to this taped to my front door:

thank you art

I received the ultimate Thank You Note for the sweater surgery that I performed, and it is now proudly displayed on my refrigerator. My young friend has upped the ante of the Thank You but she is obviously a budding artist and we can’t all compete with that. Most of us can write “thank you,” address an envelope and apply a stamp though. I encourage everyone to take a few moments to send a thank you from time to time, you’ll never know how many smiles it might bring to someone’s day.

A Man and His Meat

It was only a matter of time before I used innuendo to entice readership; but this situation was so perfect, I couldn’t help myself.

The other night we decided to make soup and panini. The means one thing to me, the Green Goddess. The Husband decided to try recreating a favorite sandwich from the Twisted Fork food truck. He needed pastrami. The what? I haven’t eaten meat in more than 20 years, I don’t think I’ve ever had pastrami. We scoped out our neighborhood market and finally found some that he thought would do – but, I should add, was not ideal. (Those were his words with my eyeroll inserted by way of italics.)

He set to work carefully slicing buns, layering pastrami, Swiss cheese and arugula and then let The Griddler make its magic. I rarely see him so excited over something that isn’t craft beer. When he said, “You didn’t take a picture!” halfway through his sandwich, I dropped my Green Goddess and ran for the camera. This man’s meat had to be documented:

pastrami sandwich
Pastrami, Swiss cheese and arugula on a pretzel roll.

Tragedy Strikes. Great Food to the Rescue!

Tragedy struck the sewing room this weekend.

With temperatures unsafe for any outdoor activity on Sunday, I set the entire day aside for sewing. I carefully measured, cut and pinned a new skirt pattern and before sitting down to sew, went to oil the machine as The Mother always advised. “The best thing you can do for your machine is keep it oiled,” she used to tell me. I peered in the bobbin holder at the little oil sponge. Dry. Squeezed the oil bottle. Nothing. SQUeezed the bottle. Nothing. SQUEEEEEZED the bottle and it exploded. Oil went all over the machine, into the machine, onto my newest in-process skirt, basically everywhere. I sat there stunned, hand still outstretched holding what remained of the bottle, oil dripping from my fingers.

When I found my senses, I spent nearly an hour trying to clean up the destruction. With stains all over the skirt, I figured that it made the most sense to continue working. There wasn’t enough fabric to cut new pieces and logic told me that I should spot treat the skirt and wash it as soon as possible. My stitching has really improved and my pieces fit together really well – I was grinning as I watched it come together and feeling like quite the smarty-pants. Then I tried it on. Skin tight. Not quite what I was going for. That’s when I finally set the skirt in a puddle of oil, turned off the machine and gave up for the day. Sometimes one should really just listen to the signs and eat a cookie, they really took the edge off:

chocolate chip cookie
Thank goodness The Husband made chocolate chip cookies. This is the recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook and makes for a tender cookie.

What did go really well this weekend was the food. Here’s a taste –

The Best-Good Friend and I had a great time at 3 Tiers. I haven’t been there for years even though they’re in my south Minneapolis neighborhood. Their bakery is yummy and they have a great brunch. After having dinner, I’m ready to move in and let them feed me 24 hours a day:

The Husband made one of our favorites, breakfast burritos. Yes, those are tater tots that you’re seeing in this picture. That’s his secret to ingredient and makes for the crunchiest potatoes, you’ll never look at hashbrowns the same again. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed:

breakfast burrito
My Breakfast Burrito: tater tots, black beans, cheese, scrambled eggs & salsa

We decided to celebrate the polar vortex’s return by getting dressed up and going out to Bar La Grassa. It was as good as everyone says and we had a spectacular evening in the north loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. The waitress made a brilliant suggestion – consider ordering two half-order plates for your entrée so you can try more things! I loved that I idea, and now have lunch for today:

If I had the wrong attitude, I’d think that new skirt didn’t fit because of all this great food. Fortunately I know better. 😉