Birds, Bikes and Great Eats

Friday night, I finally got to King’s Wine Bar in Minneapolis. It was really delicious, but so dark the only picture decent enough to share was the dessert The Best-Good Friend and I shared:


We woke up to fresh snow Saturday morning and it was beautiful out. My little friend was back at the suet feeder, I can’t stop taking pictures of him:
The Husband bought tickets to the Minneapolis Progressive International Motorcycle Show because he’s been dreaming of buying a new motorcycle. We headed downtown to check things out and see his top picks in person. There was some crazy stuff there, I liked the classic bikes best:

The Husband picked out a motorcycle for me too:
But this is much more my speed:
On our way to dinner, we stopped at my new favorite shop, Dig’s Studio in Minneapolis. Since The Husband was with, I didn’t linger long but they specialize in cotton fabric, yarn and have locally made crafts and vintage accessories. This is the place that I imagine stopping in for something quick and emerging hours later with tons of treasures. Take a peak at the backroom:
dig's studio

From there we headed to St. Paul to try a Thai restaurant that came highly recommended, On’s Kitchen. We couldn’t stop gushing to each other about the food, it was so good:

We stopped at PetCo on the way home for a few supplies and were surprised to do a little bird watching. I know that Starlings are not a favorite of birders, but this guy was so handsome in his winter coat and had such a beautiful voice, I had to take some pictures:

On Sunday, we managed to finish all of our errands early enough to get in a real bird watching field trip. We stayed in the city this time and tried Roberts Bird Sanctuary. Neither of us had been there in 20 years, it was a beautiful afternoon to be in the “woods:”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were excited to see our first Red-Bellied Woodpecker, he was very accommodating about having his picture taken:

This Blue Jay was not, but I rather liked this photo. I call it “Incognito:”
blue jay

I’m a big fan of Nuthatches. I read on a forum once that a person called them “Assups” because they’re always upside down. That always makes me smile when I see them now:
When we got home, I made a favorite recipe of ours, Southwestern Layered Bean Dip. This is a really simple and quick vegetarian recipe that can be turned into several different meals. The Husband adds ground beef to his and I omit sour cream from mine. First we eat it with tortilla chips, leftovers are great in soft tortillas – tonight it will become part of taco night:
southwestern layered bean dip

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