Stop, Breath and Google

Every once in awhile a person needs a reminder to stop and take a breath; often when things go wrong, there is a solution.

Sunday night I thought that I had lost an entire weekend of photographs, over 400 of them. A botched (careless) upload led to a wiped memory card with no pictures to be found. I stood tearfully in The Husband’s office telling him that I had lost them all, then moved downstairs to the basement where I continued sobbing while folding the laundry. Yes, I know that they were only photos and that in the grand scheme of things, what did they matter? Still, I’d been really excited about them and hours had gone into it. It felt like nothing I’d worked on this weekend had gone as planned, this was just the icing on the cake.

Through my sniffling, I heard footsteps on the stairs. The Husband had found recovery options for the memory card and there was hope that the pictures were not lost after all. So yet again, I am reminded that the best solution is always to stop, breath and take a moment. Sometimes there is a solution. It helps if you’re married to a former Geek Squad agent, but we all have access to Google which is what he did to find more information.

Googling for help and $40 later, my images are now restored but the post will be delayed. Not every disaster can be solved this way, but taking a moment to stop and breath is still the best option in the end. And who knows, Google may know the answer to your problem too, sometimes you just need to ask.

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