Studies in Food, Nature and Light

As I reviewed the batch of photos triumphantly rescued by The Husband, I was struck by the light. The boys had me fascinated one day as the morning sun shone brightly through the bedroom window. Danny’s hair is especially radiant in black and white, the soft focus makes him look dreamy:Danny

Virgil’s whiskers are mesmerizing:virgil

We braved the weather and went to Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield where I was enamored by the cattails and the tiny snowflakes falling while we walked:cattails



We saw a coyote, but he moved far too quickly for me to photograph. The deer were more obliging:deer


These trees reminded me of the photography class I took in college where we learned to process black and white film. It was fun experimenting with exposing the photo paper but digital processing is easier (you don’t have to do it in the dark):trees

One of the amazing things about Minnesota winters are all the nests you find. I could have reached off the path and touched this one:nest

We finally made it to Lake & Irving in Uptown. It has been on my list since I saw that they had chicken & waffles with beer-infused syrup. That sounded like just the feast for The Husband. Few options for the vegetarian in the group, but I made do with a Belgian waffle. After sampling The Mom-In-Law’s Nutella French Toast, I know what the fuss is about, Nutella is delicious:

We had a dinner at Prima in southwest Minneapolis with The Mother. I love Prima, their menu is full of fresh flavors and the food is visually stunning. I highly recommend the Penne Pasta with Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese:

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