Nonstop Noshing

With roads still bad after our recent storm, Saturday was spent at home. I played with the camera and experimented with still life:flower

I loved the curve of the leaves:leaf

Then I noticed the light on Cleo who was sunny herself:cat


We walked to Town Hall Lanes for a quick dinner. The Husband loves Chips ‘n Guac:chips and guacamole

We were having such a good time, all of a sudden I realized I’d forgotten something:empty plate

The Husband wanted pancakes Sunday. There was not a piece of fresh fruit on hand (which is how I eat my pancakes), so I figured the responsible thing to do would be use the homemade Nutella, I wouldn’t want it to go to waste. Then I remembered the fresh strawberry syrup that was in the freezer. It was the most decadent of breakfasts for a cold, lazy Sunday morning:

I sugar buzzed through our errands and before I knew it, we had to leave for our first North Coast Nosh at The American Swedish in Minneapolis. The Institute wowed me over the holidays when The Best-Good Friend and I went to their winter festival. North Coast Nosh was very different, the attendance was high which made noshing a bit difficult.

I loved all of the beverage samples that I had. The Golden Fig had a wonderful pink ginger-lemonade beverage that I have to go buy. And Verdant Tea is going to be my next stop for tea. The TeaSource was there and their Chai and Genmaicha are both far better than mine, even though I’m using their tea.

Here were some of the foods we sampled before The Nosh was too crowded even for pictures:

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