The Griddler Meets the Crunch Wrap Supreme

Every day I feel lucky to have friends who love me. After meals like this, I feel even luckier to have friends who know how much I love food.

When the Best-Good Friend asked if we could make these in The Griddler, I knew it had to be something special. A Beautiful Mess had posted the recipe “Vegetarian Crunch Wrap Supreme,” inspired by her love of Taco Bell. Now, I’ve never eaten Taco Bell but I love Mexican food and anything that can be squeezed between The Griddler’s hot plates.

The Husband and I gave it a test run so I would be prepared for dinner with The Best-Good Friend and it is a new favorite. Of course there were modifications. The Husband’s was not vegetarian, we added seasoned taco meat. I disdain sour cream, so my version did not include any and I also used sliced Pepper Jack cheese instead of Marble Jack.

Feast your eyes on my Vegetarian Crunch Wrap Supreme:

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