Nature Studies: Texture

If you haven’t guessed it, being outside is my favorite thing next to eating. It’s even better when the temperatures are above zero, though that means that I have to share my magic kingdom with the rest of the world.

Our weekend thaw sent Minnesotans out in droves and turned city streets into slushy messes. Driving past Minnehaha Falls, the parking lots were full and people ran around without winter jackets. It was hard to imagine that just a week earlier we had been the only car in the lot, encountered a handful of adventurers, and needed facemasks on our trek through the frozen landscape.

The Husband and I went back to the Minnesota Valley Nature Preserve which was surprisingly quiet. The fresh air was invigorating and the sound of the wind through the trees was restorative. It was a such beautiful day and there were so many photos – this post will be part one of a series.

Tromping through the snow gives a completely different perspective on the landscape. The blinding white against the gray sky creates such a stark canvas that the smallest things are more noticeable. As we walked, I was busy snapping pictures. Here are some of my favorite examples of texture in a winter landscape:berries


bee hive





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