Zen Dinner Delights at Evergreen

If you read my earlier post, you’ll know that March Madness is getting me down so I instigated a theme this week to keep my eye on the prize. Sometimes you just need a focus to will you on, for me it is “All Things Green While I Search for Spring.”

You know what makes deciding on a restaurant really easy? Having a theme. The Husband was pouring over Yelp reviews when I chimed in, “Any of those restaurants have ‘green’ in the name?” Who would have guessed that one would? It even fit my request for Asian food and as if it couldn’t get better than that, was very highly rated for its vegetarian and vegan selections. SIGN ME UP! We jumped in the car and headed to Evergreen in Minneapolis.

I loved this place, it was a weird little spot in a basement. And it was QUIET. I’m sure those are turnoffs for many, but I loved it. According to the internet, the owners are a Taiwanese Buddhist couple, she cooks and he serves. The menu is full of Taiwanese specialties as well as Chinese standards and has so many choices, it was hard to decide on only one thing.

It seemed like the best bet was to go with a Chef’s Recommendation and I’m oh, so glad that I did. I had the Three Cup Tofu and it was a garlicky wonder. The Husband liked his dinner okay but felt like he ordered wrong, he had the Happy Family. He said it was good, but he wasn’t dazzled. He should’ve had the tofu. 😉

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