A Taste of Spring – in a Sandwich!

When I was trying to figure out what green-themed recipe to make this week, I realized that I eat A LOT of green food. I also have no problem admitting that I’m completely obsessed with a few of the same recipes (*cough* Green Goddess). Seriously, it is that good. But, I realized I needed something new and different. The most obvious idea would be to make greens, but did I want to be that literal?

In the end, I landed on a weird little dish that was really good, super simple and quick. It probably would have been even better if I’d paid closer attention to the recipe (and the state of my pantry), but what can you do? Running to the Kitchen’s recipe for a Chickpea Pesto Sandwich makes a flexible sandwich filling with a light and fresh taste. One day I used bread, another day I used a flour tortilla, it would even make a good veggie dip. And it’s a forgiving recipe that could be modified in many ways. How was mine different?

What I Skipped:
– My avocados were hard as rocks (BOO!).
– My cilantro’s freshness window had closed.
– I thought we had lemon juice in the house. D’oh!
– Oops… sun dried tomatoes were in the recipe?

What did that leave?
– Chickpeas (YUM!)
– Garlic
– Spinach
– Tahini
– Greek yogurt
– And I added chopped celery to overcome my other shortcomings

I added fresh spinach to my sandwiches, and lunch was set!

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