Close Encounters

With 60 degree temperatures, we ignored all of our adult responsibilities and played outside on Sunday. We are five minutes from Fort Snelling State Park, the perfect place to go for a little fun in the sun:

After months (and months, and months) of searching, we finally saw our first owl! Unfortunately, the Barred Owl was on the hunt and I was so excited by it, there are no pictures. We did see more Cedar Waxwings and this handsome fellow struck a pose for me:

As novice birders, we get really jazzed about every new find. We spent a long time trying to identify this quiet bird who didn’t seem bothered by our antics. In the end, we decided it was the common Dark-Eyed Junco, a bird we are very familiar with but not from this angle:

There were a lot of water birds out. In addition to all of the usual suspects, we saw a Common Merganser:
common merganser

Did I mention there were deer?

Deer are a very common sight at Fort Snelling, but they always make us stop and stare:

And the most exotic animal of all, Danny sported his new spring hairdo and soaked up some sun himself. Still not approved by his vet for lengthy hikes, he showed us that even a walk around the neighborhood and some lounging in the backyard was a great way to spend a 60 degree Sunday:

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