Not-So-Traditional Pad Thai

Our recent Thai dinner had me wondering, could I make Thai food at home? Turns out that we still don’t know for sure because I ran out of time this week, but I can make this American version of vegetarian pad thai:


This recipe from Mom Always Finds Out was simple and came together quickly with few ingredients. I followed it to the letter with one exception, I threw my veggies into the noodle water for a few minutes to warm and brighten them up. As you can see, I also added tofu. This is raw, extra firm cut into cubes. The Husband roasted a boneless chicken to have on his.

The verdict? This is an easy recipe took less than 30 minutes to make (there was wine involved and a little dancing in the kitchen, so I wasn’t quite as quick as Mom Always Finds Out who considers this a 15 Minute Vegetarian Pad Thai). Next time I hope to try a more traditional recipe but will save this for nights when I need something quick and easy. I will thin out the peanut sauce with a little more liquid and add more veggies along with some spice for heat.

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