A Lowbrow Breakfast

The Lowbrow in South Minneapolis is one of my favorite restaurants. Not only do they have a bright and cheery space, their menu has a bunch of interesting vegetarian options to choose from. With all those choices, however, I always get the Fried Tofu Sandwich because it’s one of my all time favorite meals (see it here). So color me ecstatic when we showed up for an impromptu breakfast and there were Tofu Breakfast Tacos on the menu! Served with guacamole and roasted potatoes, they were the perfect way to start the day:

tofu tacos
My Tofu Breakfast Tacos: Seasoned, fried tofu with spinach and scallions; topped with salsa and guacamole, served with oven roasted potatoes (vegan)

The Husband doesn’t like a lot going on with his eggs, he likes them simple. The Bacon Scallion Scramble was just the ticket:

egg scramble
The Husband’s Bacon Scallion Scramble: Scrambled eggs topped‎ with bacon, scallions and cheddar. Served with potatoes and toast

We had to ask what the HEY! COFFEE CAKE flavor was and the blueberry we ordered was definitely the “brunch time must” they promised it would be:

blueberry coffee cake
Blueberry Coffee Cake

The Lowbrow is all about comfort food made using locally farmed and sustainably grown ingredients. With so many gluten-free and vegetarian options, there is something for everyone. Go lowbrow with your next meal and head to Lowbrow. 🙂

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