Burger Lovers Paradise

This post is for the burger lovers out there, which is amusing since I’m a vegetarian.

A few weeks ago The Husband had a burger at The Parlour and has been raving about it ever since, so we headed to the North Loop in Minneapolis start his week of birthday dinners.

I was at a table with three people who ordered this burger and none of them could stop talking about it. The first bite prompted reverent “oh my gods” all around and it didn’t stop there. A lengthy discussion ensued while they an attempted to figure out why this burger was so much better than others they had eaten. Was it the brisket? The ribeye? They all agreed that they loved the flavor of the juicy meat and that topping it with American cheese was genius because of its simplicity:

The Husband’s Burger: Ground sirloin, ribeye, brisket with American cheese

Meanwhile, I worked on my Cauliflower. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good but I kind of wished there was a veggie sandwich that I could have gushed over. People usually don’t get that excited when one raves over cauliflower:

My Cauliflower: Fried, puree, pickled jalapenos, caperberries (vegetarian)

There were plenty of hand cut fries, though, so that made up for it:

Hand cut fries

And I had to try one of their signature cocktails. This was the Naked Jumping Jacks which was light and refreshing:

My Naked Jumping Jacks Cocktail: Gin, sherry, ginger, apricot, lime

The Parlour is located in the basement of Borough which opened in January 2013. They have earned a spot on Bon Appetit’s Top 50 Best New Restaurants in America for 2013 and I can’t wait to try them next.

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