The San Francisco Treat

When I found myself wandering up and down Mission Street in San Francisco with a growling stomach, I couldn’t decide what to do. The biggest challenge that I run into when traveling alone is trying to figure out where to eat, I’m usually overwhelmed by the options. Then I saw a sign in the distance, all it said was “TEA * FOOD.” It doesn’t get easier than that, right?

Samovar Tea Lounge overlooks the Yerba Buena Gardens. They offer the encouragement to “Turn off your phone. Take a breath. Let us brew you a pot of tea and cook you a nourishing meal…” So I did. Well, not the phone part; but I spent a leisurely lunch getting sunburned while I drank tea and had my first rice bowl.

The rice bowls are served with the ingredients plated alongside a pot of green tea soup base. You add the tea to the dry ingredients in order to create the soup consistency that you desire:

rice bowl
Seasonal tea broth over rice, vegetables, wakame seaweed & shiitake mushrooms with braised tempeh (vegan)

It paired perfectly with the Nishi Sencha Tea that the server recommended:

Nishi Sencha Tea: Pacific brine, sun-warmed garden peas, silk lingerie

The next time you’re wandering the Mission District in San Francisco and need to catch your breath, definitely stop in at Samovar.

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