We All Scream for Ice Cream!

What is the perfect companion to a warm spring day? Ice cream. The beautiful weekend weather was the perfect opportunity to try Pumphouse Creamery in South Minneapolis:

ice cream
Clockwise from left: Sea Salt & Caramel, Praline Walnut and Passion Fruit Vanilla

Pumphouse Creamery opened in 2003 by Barb Zapzalka and features 20 flavors made by sourcing natural, organic ingredients from local farms. Crystal Ball Farm in Osceola, WI provide the organic cream top dairy, and the Whole Grain Milling Company in Welcome, MN provide the grains for the waffle cones. Fresh butter and local organic eggs come from Rochdale Farms.

My dairy-free friends can choose ice creams made with coconut milk and coconut palm sugar in addition to sorbets. Pumphouse’s sorbets are made with fruit and they offer seasonal options when Minnesota fruits are available.

I can’t wait for more because their best selling seasonal ice cream is back: Rhubarb. There’s a waffle cone with my name on it, and please, Pumphouse, make it a double.

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