Raw Fish Optional

When I say the word “sushi,” people often make a face. I probably made that face too until I learned that raw fish isn’t required to eat the dish. Sushi dinners have been some of the most memorable meals The Husband and I have had, so when I heard that City Pages Best Sushi Minneapolis 2014 was in our neck of the woods, we had to try it.

Bagu Sushi is a small restaurant in South Minneapolis with a charming patio in back. Sheltered from the sounds of the city, we started our leisurely dinner with two vegetarian appetizers, Agedashi Tofu and the classic, Edamame:

Agedashi Tofu: Deep-fried tofu served with tempura sauce and green onions (we skipped the bonito flakes to keep the dish vegetarian)
Edamame: Boiled soy beans (vegetarian)

I sampled three different vegetarian sushi rolls, this type of sushi is called “maki.” Maki is toasted seaweed nori rolled around vinegar-flavored rice and various fillings, in my case vegetables:

From left to right: Avocado, Kappa (cucumber) and Korean Style Spinach

The Husband is all about raw fish, so he ordered nigiri sushi. Nigiri is made with sushi rice hand formed into a small clump with fresh fish sliced and pressed on top:

From left to right: Sake (salmon) and Hamachi (yellowtail)

We can add this dinner to the list of memorable sushi meals that we’ve had. Not only was it a lovely evening spent relaxing over award-winning food, we were able to take advantage of Happy Hour prices. Treat yourself to a night out, you can’t go wrong with Bagu Sushi.

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