Why Decide? Go Progressive!

Why decide on one restaurant when you can go to three? For a leisurely evening out, consider making your own progressive dinner party! A good friend and I just did this in my South Minneapolis neighborhood and had a blast, here’s what we did.

First things first, we stopped at Town Hall Lanes for a stuffed pretzel and were pleasantly surprised to find this:

cider week
Minneapolis Cider Week!

After sampling some cider with our pretzels, we walked a few doors down to one of the best kept secrets in Minneapolis, 3 Tiers. Who says you have to save dessert for last?

Lemon Tart

We ended our adventures across the street at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Dominguez for some veggie taquitos:

veggie taquitos
Veggie Taquitos: Three stone ground corn tortillas filled with beans, onion, cilantro, avocado sauce and fresh slices of lime (vegetarian)

With the return of warm weather, I can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening.

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