City of Angels?

I’m not sure about the angels, but I can tell you we found something else with wings: birds. This watering hole in Griffith Park seemed to be the life of the party:

spotted grosbeak
Spotted Grosbeak

You couldn’t take your eyes off it for a second or you’d miss something:

allen's hummingbird
Allen’s Hummingbird Photobomb

I couldn’t keep up with this Allen’s Hummingbird:
allen's hummingbird

There he is again!
allen's hummingbird

Then I realized he wasn’t alone:
allen's hummingbird

Birds of a feather flock together:


And it turns out, bathe together:

Almost always found in lively flocks, Bushtits move constantly.

If you get a little lonesome, all you have to do is call your friends:

And pretty soon you won’t be alone anymore:


There were big birds too. This stunning Cooper’s Hawk posed for a long time:
cooper's hawk

And this Red-tailed Hawk was intent on hunting:
redtail hawk

We even saw a baby, any guesses as to what he is? You should have seen him run!
baby bird

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