The Historic Shores of the Snake River

Less than two hours north of Minneapolis near Pine City, Minnesota, the Snake River runs through Chengwatana State Forest.
snake river

Chengwatana originates from the Ojibwe language and means “white pine town.” Along with many of its namesake white pines, the old Ojibwe village of Chengwatana has been lost to history.

During the treaty-making periods, this river was inhabited by the Ojibwa and the Dakota. The Snake River was part of a river system that connected the St. Croix River with Mille Lacs Lake and the upper Mississippi River.

It was an ideal location for a fur trade post and the logging industry.
shores of snake river

According to the Minnesota DNR, there are nearly 4 million acres in 58 state forests around the country. Minnesota is the 16th most forested state in the nation.

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