Celebrating Little Moments: Beaver Lake

In honor of my birthday, this week’s posts will be all about celebration. First up, a lovely morning spent with The Best-Good Friend. We had a delicious breakfast in her private oasis – we almost forgot we were still in the city:
landcaped backyard

We were steps away from Beaver Lake:
beaver lake

While Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there are actually 11,842:
beaver lake

I remember fishing with my dad and asking him what the pretty flowers in the water were called, I have loved water lilies ever since. Many birthdays have passed since I asked that question:
water lily

We saw a solitary Cedar Waxwing and his yellow tail and belly glowed against the overcast sky:
cedar waxwing

We were sorry to have missed the thistles in bloom:
purple thistles

We found the cattails, which are a favorite of mine. It made me smile to learn they are “cosmopolitan,” which actually means you can find them across all or most of the world, but I like to think of these simple plants as being sophisticated:

It was a lovely morning, full of moments to celebrate:

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