Date Night with The Boys: Al Vento!

When The Boys asked if I had plans for dinner, I couldn’t resist. There’s nothing like lounging on a patio in the summer with good friends, add some great food and the evening is complete. We headed down the street to South Minneapolis favorite Al Vento for some great Italian cooking.

We started with the Brushetta Sampler but were so ready to sample, I forgot to take a picture. Oops! Fortunately we didn’t stop there. To keep our dinners healthy, we shared a salad. This was the Roasted Peach with Mississippi Greens, Radish, Almond and Cherry Vinaigrette:

My third of the delicious salad.
My third of the delicious salad.

When having Italian food, two dishes seem to be the natural choices: pizza and spaghetti. We had both!

House Made Fennel Sausage with Roma Tomato and Herb Goat Cheese Pizza:pizza

Spaghetti with Mother Sauce and House Made Meatballs:spaghetti

My Neapolitan with Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil and House Made Mozzarella (vegetarian):pizza

Not only does Al Vento have great food, they have great specials so you can make every night date night!

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