Remembering A Snowy Owl

Sad news came a few days ago when it was announced that a well-known Snowy Owl had been found dead in Minnesota. Last January, this owl had been hit by a bus in Washington, D.C. and was brought to the Minnesota Raptor Center for care and rehabilitation. I watched with rapt attention as the bird underwent a feather transplant:

And then I watched her triumphant release:

I was devastated to learn she had been found dead. The assumption is that she had been hit by a car but based on her condition, had been living a healthy life hunting until the accident.

The Husband and I spent a day looking for these beautiful birds last January during the 2014 Snowy Owl Irruption. They were a breathtaking sight:
snowy owl

This loss is a moving reminder of the fragility of nature.

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