Halloween Magic: Flying Ghosts

Get ready for a spooky week here at Squeaky Green Machine as we celebrate Five Days of Halloween! What does it take to have a great Halloween? We have a few ideas that we’re ready to share!

Day One is about home decorating inspiration, allow me to introduce Frank the Flying Crank Ghost. This animated ghost was built by The Husband in 2009 and has been intriguing kids (and adults!) ever since:

Inspired by plans in Make Magazine, The Husband created a hybrid design of his own with supplies from the local hardware store, fabric store and Ax-Man Surplus for less than $80. Each year I love watching kids come slowly up the front walk, staring at Frank as he eerily moves in the front window. In all of the years Frank has been making Halloween magic, there have only been a few kids too scared to come knock on the door, I bring the candy out for them. More often, they are intrigued by him and ask how he works.

To make your own Flying Crank Ghost, visit Make Magazine.


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