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Dinner Dates in French Meadows

Do you ever get so hungry that you just can’t figure out where or what to eat? That happened to us the other night. We ran through a list of restaurants that would feed us very respectable dinners, but we weren’t excited about any of them. That’s when inspiration struck, how about The French Meadow? It’s a favorite breakfast joint for us but we’ve never had their dinner before. Turned out to be just the ticket.

The Husband dug into the North Start Bison Burger. It comes with St. Pete’s Bleu Cheese (his favorite), bacon, and red onion marmalade on an organic brioche bun:
bison burger

I was having problems deciding but our server sold me on the vegan special: Chickpea Croquettes on Pita with Greens. She was right, the little croquettes were light and satisfying:chickpea croquettes

When you go to The French Meadow, you have get dessert. It took a lot of soul searching, but we finally landed on the Seasonal Berry Cake:

Take a lesson from us. The next time you’re so hungry you can’t decide on where to eat, head to The French Meadow!

Birthday Dinner at Scusi

When it comes to celebrating, the first place that comes to my mind is Scusi in St. Paul. Not only is the food absolutely delicious, the entire dining experience has a festive air to it. It’s so comfortable and relaxed you lose track of time when you’re there, I like to imagine it’s what a leisurely dinner in Italy is like. Their tagline sums up the restaurant well: Delicious, authentic; never stuffy or pretentious—that’s Scusi.

We started with the three cheese plate. My favorite was the creamy and buttery Triple Crème:

Triple Creme, St Pete's Blue Cheese and Humboldt Fog with Ginger Chutney
Triple Creme, St Pete’s Blue Cheese and Humboldt Fog with Ginger Chutney

We shared another favorite of mine, the Arancini:

risotto balls
Arancini: Crispy risotto balls, roasted red pepper aioli (vegetarian)

The Husband tried the Fettuccine:

Fettuccine: Shrimp, zucchini-mint pesto, almond, lemon

I wanted to save room for dessert, so I opted for the Beet Rattafia:

Beet Rattafia: Roasted beets, St Pete's Blue Cheese, mixed greens, crouton
Beet Rattafia: Roasted beets, St Pete’s Blue Cheese, mixed greens, crouton (vegetarian)

And happy birthday to me, what a dessert it was:

donut holes
Zeppole: Italian doughnut holes, marsala cherries, chocolate, whipped cream

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas

When I eat an entire pan of enchiladas myself, I know that I have to share the recipe. Not only did I eat the entire pan myself, but I was actually sad to see the last one gone – that’s not how I usually feel after days of eating the same thing over and over again. Trust me, these are goooooooood. enchiladas Gina’s Skinny Taste recipe for Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas took longer to  make than most of my weeknight dinners but it was worth the wait. I ate myself sick the first night (they were so good, I just couldn’t stop), and they tasted even better the second day for lunch and the following night for dinner. I filled my tortillas a little fatter than she did and topped mine with fresh avocado, but otherwise followed her recipe to the letter. Don’t wait long to make a pan of these!