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One Last Hurrah

This post marks the end of our first scamping season. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been the proud owners of our bouncing, baby Scamp for six months already! We spent more time camping this year than we have in any other in any other season, but still, all good things must come to an end. Before the snow flies, we had one final outing and then put her in storage for the long, Minnesota winter.

The sun was shining when we arrived at Sibley State Park:
prairie grasses

The prairie section of the park was alive with Eastern Bluebirds, they were everywhere you looked! This was the only one that was still long enough for a photo:
eastern bluebird

We were so happy to be outside, especially Danny. He doesn’t look like he minds riding shotgun, what do you think?

Danny has had a recent injury so hiking is not allowed, that’s not keeping him off the trail though!

There are a lot of things to love about camping in the off-season. Not only are there no bugs, but the trees are absolutely dramatic without their leaves:tree

And you have the campground to yourself:campground

It was a perfect trip, so peaceful:sibley state park

But all good things must come to an end. Farewell, Geraldine, it has been a great season. I can’t wait to see you again when the snow melts.

A Walk in the Woods

We needed to retreat into the woods:scamp

It’s my favorite place to be:

We stayed in Paul Bunyon State Forest, but there was no sign of the lumberjack or his blue ox:

This guy was there though and based on his yelling, he was NOT happy to see us:
red squirrel

We hiked a quarter mile of the North Country National Scenic Trail before the mosquitoes got the best of us:

And joined the tourists at the Mississippi Headwaters in Itasca State Park:
mississippi river

I was in awe of the oldest white pine in the park, it is more than 300 years old:
white pine

And by its younger siblings:
pine trees

The wildflowers were in bloom:

We had a lot of fun together:

While we missed the Super Moon by one night, we thought ours was pretty darn super:

And what’s a camping trip without a campfire?

The Newest Scamp on the Block

The Husband and I crossed an item off our bucket list this weekend when we finally headed to Backus, Minnesota to claim our brand new 13′ Scamp camper trailer. We had to be there first thing in the morning for pickup, so we were on the road by 6am in order to start the 3 hour drive from Minneapolis:

I was so excited, I never thought we would get there and the road seemed to go on forever:

When we knew we were close, we started to look for signs directing us to the factory. They made it pretty easy for us to find from the road:

They gave us a tour of the factory that employs 48 people who build approximately 350 trailers a year:

Duane Eveland, brother Gerald Eveland and sister Gladys Coffland partnered with Bolar American in 1971 to make camper trailers until Bolar went out of business in 1972. That left them with trailer molds but no marketing company. In 1975, they launched their “Scamp” trailer in the 13′ size. Now they come in 13, 16 and 19′ with multiple floor plans which means each trailer is custom built to order:

scamp molds
Scamp molds

Scamp molding area
Scamp shell prepping
scamp painting
Scamp shell painting
scamp wiring
Scamp wiring
scamp insulating
Insulating the Scamp

And final steps in their manufacturing:

Their last stop is the sewing room for cushions and curtains:
Scamp sewing room

I was a pretty happy Scamper:
happy scamp owner

David showed us how everything worked:
Scamp demo

And then it was the moment of truth, hooking the car up and getting ready to hit the road:
towing the scamp

We couldn’t wait to get scamping, so our first stop was Crow Wing State Park near Bemidji, MN: