Yummy Restaurants

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that I’ve been trying a lot of restaurants lately. Here’s a short list of my favorites so far, where else should I be going?

Brasa's Black Bean Fritter Sandwich
Brasa’s Black Bean Fritter Sandwich (vegetarian)

Brasa: The food at Brasa comes from the highest quality sources available. Year round nearly 100% of the meat, dairy, eggs, flour, sweet corn and cornmeal is produced in Minnesota, Wisconsin & Iowa on small family owned farms and cooperatives. Many of their other ingredients are organic or sustainably raised and they feature local vegetables when available. Many vegetarian and gluten free options are available. Read about my visit to Brasa.

Cafe Maude's Eggs and Sauteed Spinach
Cafe Maude’s Sautéed Spinach with a Fried Egg

Cafe Maude: I think this review from Twin Cities Metro says it best, “This south Minneapolis favorite features delicious and inventive cocktails, an assortment of small plates and a la carte entrées, and a warm and inviting ambience that lends itself to lively and comfortable meals with friends. ” Read about my visit to Cafe Maude.

tres leches cake
First Course’s Tres Leches Cake

First Course: First Course bistro is a little bit of Soho, “oh so close to home”, with its casual yet chic decor and its sophisticated yet comforting style of contemporary American cuisine. First Course is perfect for a creative start to your evening or for a multi-course evening of its own. Guests may relax on the comfy sofas, warm up by the fireplace or belly-up to the bar before enjoying one of the seasonally handcrafted meat, fish, pasta or tapas dishes. Read about my visit to First Course.

breakfast quesadilla
Breakfast Quesadilla (vegetarian)

French Meadow Bakery: Since 1985 French Meadow Bakery has produced the most pure, organic and artfully crafted, yeast-free breads that cater to our customers special dietary needs, allergies and concerns for healthy foods. And according to Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl (Minneapolis based food & wine writer), “French Meadow has led, articulated, and demonstrated everything right and good about food in America in the last several decades: championing organics before there really was such a thing; promoting sustainable agriculture; making and serving slow foods; and generally providing a tasty little oasis of thoughtful and healthy living since the dawn of time. Or 1985, more specifically.”Read about my visit.

tofu sandwich
The Lowbrow’s Fried Tofu Sandwich (vegan)

The Lowbrow: The Lowbrow is committed to bringing scratch-made comfort food to your plate using locally farmed, sustainably grown ingredients. They offer gluten-free and vegetarian options as well. Read about my visit to Low Brow.

Spinach & cheese (vegetarian)

The Italian Pie Shoppe: They’ll make you a pizza you can’t refuse, trust me, I eat there all the time. They’ve been rated the “Best of St Paul” from 2009-2011 and you’ll understand why when you read about my visit.

Boise Pizza
The Boise (vegetarian)

Pizzeria Lola: Their website says it best. “A Korean immigrant, inspired by the pure love of food, joy and her mother’s own delicious cooking, quits her day job, opens an artisan pizza pie place and names it after her dog. There’s no need to be overly patriotic here, but is there anything more American than that? Yep, sometimes dreams do come true. Welcome to Pizzeria Lola.” Read about my visit.

ranchero cubano
Victor’s Ranchero Cubano (vegetarian and gluten free)

Victor’s 1959 Café: They are a little piece of Cuba in south Minneapolis!  They turn people on to Cuban culture with a unique dining experience featuring traditional Cuban recipes, learned from a real Cuban, all in a festive, friendly, familial environment.  Good food, good music, good wines, and good company in a clean and quirky space with décor reflective of Cuban culture past and present.  At Victor’s, you can escape from everyday life, eat some mighty tasty food, experience another culture and maybe even feel like you’re on a mini-vacation! They are an independently and locally owned and operated business and hold themselves to high standards in the quality of our food, wine and hospitality.  They are involved with their community and they love their neighbors and their neighborhood! Read about my visit to Victor’s.

See all my favorites local foods mapped out on Pinterest.

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