A Taste of Thailand

Sometimes at the end of a long day you just want an old favorite for dinner, that’s how we ended up at Pad Thai on Grand in St. Paul. According to their website, they are family-run and make traditional Thai food. I’ve never been to Thailand so I can’t guarantee the authenticity of that claim, but it sure is delicious.

We started with the deep-fried vegetarian egg rolls. These are some of my favorite egg rolls in the city:

egg rolls
Deep-Fried Vegetarian Egg Rolls: Wheat paper stuffed with mungbean thread noodles, cabbage, black mushroom, carrots & onion.

The Husband always orders the same thing because it’s his favorite and he loves it so much, the Thai Steamed Scallops:

thai scallops
The Husband’s Thai Steamed Scallops: Steamed scallops served with traditional Thai mild peanut curry sauce.


I ordered something new and it was AMAZING, the Pad Thai Srirasha:

spicy pad thai noodles
My Pad Thai Srirasha: Special stir-fried rice noodles, carrot, cabbage, bean sprouts, broccoli, green onion, & tomato sauce with tofu. (vegetarian)


We both ordered our dishes medium spicy and our taste of Thailand was complete.

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